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Oak Wood Agrotourism Farm
Address: Agrotouristic farm,
Lucyna Kałuża
23 - 155 Zakrzew
Dębina, gm. Zakrzew
Telephone: (84) 680 02 42, (15) 872 09 79
tel.kom: 506 068 379
Province: lubelskie
Resort town: leśny
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 9
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Price range: min 18 EUR, max 18 EUR
discount for children under 3 years of age - free of charge
discount for children under 10 years of age - 25 PLN
full board: 40 PLN/ person
discounts for children below 10 years of age
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park meals a public kitchen a tent pity a public fridge a private toilet a private shower bath playground TV-sat TV availability  washing clothes and ironing possibility  washing clothes and ironing possibility bicycles available badmington volleyball pit table tennis basketball pit phone available

The house is decorated like a classic mansion. We offer 3 rooms (two twins and one for children), a large sitting room with a chimney, a dining room and kitchenette and a TV room. Our 5000 square metre farmyard is located far away from the main roads and is surrounded by high hedges. We keep bees.

High standard house. The entire house is available for rent. Internet access (wi-fi).

You can also rent an old cottage with old furniture and bathroom.

A unique wooden cottage in Highlander style with a bathroom, fridge and satellite TV can be rented in the summer season.

Note: We organize family meetings, business meetings and events for companies (100 people max). Official invoice or bill available.

Why is it worth caming to us:
you will be able to watch us as we work with the bees and also work with us if you feel like doing it,
you can pick up wild mushrooms in nearby forests,
you can make fruit preserves using farm products,
you can rent bicycles and enjoy horse cart rides and horse-riding,
you can take horse riding lessons,
you can eat fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the garden
the area is very attractive for cross country skiers,
there is a ski-slope in nearby Batorz (8 km)
there are no mosquitoes.

Attractions nearby:

the farm is situated in the middle of Lubelskie Region, at the edge of a pretty Roztocze area
30 kms from Lublin - a city full of historical sites
near Roztocze National Park,
close to a beautiful town of Zamość.

Useful information:
swimming facilities - 30 km
ski lift - 8 km
forest - 50 m
the nearest restaurant - 10 km
train station - 20 km
bus station - 10 km
grocer's - 200 m
Geographical region - Lubelszczyzna
Neighbouring cities or localities - Bychawa, Kraśnik, Lublin


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